Client Overview

The Pittsburgh Group partners with businesses to review how they can benefit from recent congressional regulations to increase their operating efficiency, revenue, and overall bottom line. The Pittsburgh Group does the legwork to assist each company in accessing all of the options available to them.

Unique Client Needs

The Pittsburgh Group was suffering from success. Their current methods of managing their highly customized payables cycle for vendors and commissions created challenges for the scalability within their Data Management framework. The contrast of their data sources required manual curation and lacked in real-time update functionality. This posed a challenge with preserving data transparency and governance without an inordinate amount of data quality management. Left as-is, these issues would only expand as they continued to win in their market space.

The Challenge

The Pittsburgh Group requested assistance with maintenance and tracking of their invoices. They needed the ability to track multiple separate invoices per opportunity and further needed the totals of these invoices to calculate upward to a total per opportunity. Additionally, the invoices necessitated the calculation of commissions for the Sales owner for each invoice, with these calculations based off of specific criteria, as well as calculations based off of the marketing channel. This, combined with their customizable payables cycle, posed a challenge for automation and prompted them to seek outside assistance from Caddie Inc.

The Solution

Caddie worked closely with The Pittsburgh Group to understand the ins and outs of their business. The Pittsburgh Group had this to say about Caddie,

They were extremely communicative, able to help decipher my needs from non-technical speak and implemented to perfection. The team delivered faster than expected, and the work was great. I cannot recommend them strongly enough.
- Chris Youlton, Founder of The Pittsburgh Group

Caddie developed a module in Salesforce to support transparency into their payments so they would have the most accurate representation of this data. The module was able to enhance the scalability of their product and also provide them with real-time reflections of their payment data. Caddie additionally developed dashboards and reporting for The Pittsburgh Group, simplifying Salesforce to ensure that they are optimizing the use of this highly valuable CRM.