Client Overview

Logical Media Group is growing alongside their clients. Their product offerings, which include comprehensive digital marketing campaigns, helped businesses scale up and branch out. From driving recruitment to driving site traffic via their Search Engine Optimization services, Logical Media Group is able to build and supply the tools their clients need to grow in today’s busy marketplace. This is reflected in their status as a certified Google Partner which recognizes their ability to maximize campaign success while demonstrating Google Ads expertise. Logical Media Group takes their time, does their homework and curates their deliverables to best meet the needs of each of their clients. They research the audience of each client and maximize their returns on marketing strategies.

Unique Client Needs

The client required a method of tracking time spent on marketing campaigns. They needed to be able to gauge how much time was being spent on individual clients and projects, as well as the financial weight of the time spent on these projects. Additionally, they had built out numerous reports centered around this data that they needed to have recreated in a manner which cut back on the unnecessary bloatware they had become used to from their previous application.

The Challenge

Logical Media Group had structured much of their reporting around an application that was no longer providing them with the breadth of service that their business required. Merely decoupling with the application would cost the company valuable reporting resources they depended on for the smooth operation of business. However, recreating these reports outside of their current application would require a prohibitive amount of time and sweat equity were they to attempt it without outside consultation. Logical Media Group needed to recreate the current reports they had invested in building and they needed it done quickly and accurately.

The Solution

Caddie Inc. was able to meet the needs of the client by building the necessary reporting and tracking functionality into their Salesforce environment. This process included trimming the fat off the previous application that Logical Media Group had married their reporting to and streamlining the reporting to meet the needs the client had grown accustomed to. This culminated in building a tracking and reporting system that was both simpler and more accessible than what they had previously utilized while adding value and ease. Caddie accomplished these tasks within the strict 14 day timeline that the client requested. The application was implemented and utilized in Caddie’s own Sales Cloud instance in order to identify the best workflow to decouple the client’s existing application in the most efficient manner. This meticulous investigation and experimentation process resulted in a seamless decoupling of the former application, ensuring Caddie was able to re-link the client’s dashboard to the newly created reporting without any changes or delays in function.