Client Overview

Dynamic Homes builds customized modular housing, but more than that they’ve built a wildly successful business designing customized housing and modular constructions for their customers. Not only do they strive to develop cutting edge floor plans tailored to the needs of their clients, but also go above and beyond on their behalf, providing exemplary services and priding themselves on maintaining proactive communication. For over fifty years, Dynamic Homes has set industry standards for quality and innovation, but this success came with a variety of challenges to overcome.

Unique Client Needs

The client wished for reporting dashboards to be built based on a number of data points that would allow them to better serve the needs of their clients. First and foremost, they needed a build that would report the regions, drilling down to the zip code, where the majority of their business was coming from. This report would allow them to better direct their efforts at marketing and choose where to target their marketing campaigns in the future. Additionally, they needed reports for their project timelines as well as trackers to determine the status and outlook of active contracts. Finally, they needed a way to track their partnerships and identify the volume and speed each were able to execute their contracts, as well as earmark those that met with speed bumps on the path to closing their open projects.

The Challenge

Dynamic Homes had access to a deluge of useful information, valuable data points and a myriad of actionable data. While this may not seem like a problem in and of itself, data is only as good as the ability to organize and access it. This is where Dynamic Homes sought to leverage a partnership with Caddie Inc., not only to assist with building out dashboards, but also to help level up their data management in order to permit these datasets to be used for strategic business decisions. Dynamic required a diverse number of data points received via numerous sources to be consolidated into a single comprehensive system to be referenced by their teams and they needed it to be developed in a manner that integrated with their existing infrastructure and workflow.

The Solution

Caddie Inc. worked within the Salesforce CRM to construct a reporting apparatus that met all the varied and intricate needs of Dynamic Homes. As per the client’s own words:

Caddie worked hard to help standardize the way we were collecting and presenting our data sets. Their team went the extra mile to understand our needs and built out Salesforce to meet our business requirements.
- Terry VanWatermulen, Director of Sales and Marketing

We developed a suite of dashboards to give their team ready access to this information, empowering them to utilize this data in real time. Caddie also integrated their CRM directly with their WordPress website. We redeveloped their contact form to send customer information directly to Salesforce, which was customized and styled to create continuity for site visitors. The full solution encompassed end-to-end functionality for the client, from the entry of information into the contact form on their website all the way through to data reporting and tracking in the CRM. Additionally, Caddie kept in contact with Dynamic Homes throughout the implementation, taking their feedback in order to ensure that the full solution we created on their behalf is as valuable to their team as possible. Caddie developed a full suite of solutions to display their highest value regions and also built out views to provide tracking data for their subcontractors to assist with identifying which teams provided the most effective execution of projects.