Client Overview

11 Million Acres work is about more than just sustainability. As a business that skillfully combines innovative investment strategies with cutting-edge technology, 11 Million Acres can assist its customers’ businesses by delivering efficient and cost-effective decarbonization roadmaps paired with flexible financing. This winning combination allows their customers to make operational and sustainability targets even easier to achieve.

Unique Client Needs

11 Million Acres utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure that its clients receive the most efficient and cost-effective sustainable energy solutions. 11 Million Acres have a demonstrated history of dedication to the mission of sustainability. This, paired with their experience in structured finance and tax strategy in service of supporting the needs of its clients, has created an atypical yet highly effective process for their sales pipeline that required an understanding of Salesforce’s highly customizable system to best translate into the CRM. 11 Million Acres also supports varied payment modules which allow them to maintain everything from standard structured deals to a volume-based payment structure. Transitioning this industry-leading flexibility into Salesforce was a daunting challenge that Caddie implemented for 11 Million Acres.

The Challenge

11 Million Acres encountered challenges in effectively utilizing Salesforce to model their complex and highly modular business operations. Though they had built a suite of offerings that greatly simplified solutions for their customers, they were intimidated by the robust options of the Salesforce platform and sought out assistance from Caddie in translating this into a simplified Salesforce solution that would reflect the customization and flexibility built into their deal structures and payments. These deal structures and payment types are needed to automatically calculate in such a way as to reconcile profits, direct costs, and commissions and provide financial performance projections at the deal and business-unit level. Each of these factors was calculated separately depending upon the type of deal structure they were housed within. Further, the client also wished to have their final projected revenue forecasted, with running calculations of the realized recurring revenue, remaining recurring revenue, and projected remaining recurring revenue for the rest of the year.

The Solution

Caddie Inc. communicated regularly with 11 Million Acres, learning everything they could about their business to best reflect their stated and unstated needs. Caddie sought education opportunities with 11 Million Acres to properly understand their product and its support requirements. This included the multitude of program types offered, their ongoing projects, and even the client’s marketing needs. As per 11 Million Acres,

Caddie tailored Salesforce to our various programs, saving us countless hours of learning and integration and the frustration that comes with it. They took the time to truly understand our business needs and worked quickly to integrate the necessary changes and updates.
- Mark Nakayama, Co-Founder and Partner 

To this end, Caddie modeled their varied forms of dealmaking and capital-raising ventures in Salesforce, automating and simplifying the process to optimize their pipeline. Caddie also developed a method in Salesforce to calculate the client’s commission based on kilowatt hours and also spearheaded an increase in Sales Operation efficiency by taking ownership of a campaign of lead generation, email marketing, and Salesforce implementation.